Ilam Tea
Ilam estate has a Darjeeling-like character with good muscatel flavour. Some may ask: ‘What is the muscatel flavour?’ When you taste this tea you will experience an almost perfume like character that some tea drinkers call ‘Chanel like’: others call the Read More
Black Tea
This tea is fully fermented. During fermentation the leaves are rolled to break up the leaf cells and a natural oxidation process begins turning the leaves black. This type of tea accounts for 90% of the worlds tea production. The quality and taste of tea isRead More
Green Tea
From the foothills of Nepal's towering peaks, the fresh, clean flavor of the Himalayan Green is in perfect harmony with the calmness and spirituality for which the region is known. Unusually tippy for a green tea, the tender young leaves produce a cup lighterRead More
White Tea
The most prized of all white teas,  this is the purest, least processed tea available.  Low in caffeine and especially rich in antioxidants. Silver tips are delicate leaf-buds at the point of unfurling.  Exceptionally pure and natural, white silver tips undergo theRead More
Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea is a semi fermented White Tea that is used for weight loss and to aid a variety of ailments. They have been rolled so that the juices of the leaf start to ferment on contact with the air. Oolong Tea, also known as Wu Long or Wu Yi Long have a Read More
First Flush Darjeeling Tea
There are four  flushes - 1st, 2nd, monsoon and autumnal. the tea shrubs with its delicate, fragile and grey - green sheen on the leaves. The liquor is 1st flush (late February to mid April) Spring is the season of life, reawakening and freshness.  AfterRead More
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