Nepal is the home of Mt. Everest, and the Himalayas - 8 of 10 highest mountains in the world watch-over Nepal's land. Many medicinal herbs found at the foothill of Himalayas are considered to be the purest and best in the world. Tea is not an exception. A drink, a food, a herb, call it what-ever you like, it can cure your illness, make friends or be among your enemies and be friends back again!

High altitude teas have more flavor than low altitude teas. Green Teas grown in High altitude are regarded as the best Green Teas in the world. Young Tea bushes yield better quality than those of older bushes. Nepali Tea bushes are young and are grown in high altitude. Tea bushes love warm and humid climate with plenty of rainfall. Nepal's 70% of the land is hill area having those climatic conditions. Know Nepal by Mountains, you will soon know by Tea!

Tea contains Antioxidant, a chemical substance which helps our body fight with diseases such as cancer. There has not been enough research on Nepalese Himalayan Orthodox Tea, but many believe that Teas grown in High altitude abundant of warm and rainy growing conditions yield better tea quality and Antioxidant values than those grown at lower altitude. Earth's high altitude lands are less polluted than low altitude lands. It is generally believed that if a plant can be grown organically at high altitude it does better.

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